Theo Gridiron Spight is a singer born and raised in Detroit, MI. Raised in the church from birth, Theo developed his brand of soul-stirring, gospel influenced, pure Detroit soul from an early age. A blue-collar worker by day, with over 20 years at one of The Big 3, he brings that going to work attitude to every performance. Theo is a cross between baptist minister meets blues-edged rocker!! Whether he's singing blues, soul, r&b, jazz or rock, Theo brings a passion to the stage like few others can!

After singing in various cover and original projects plus singing in the church, Theo decided to try out for the 2004 WDIV Super Singer contest in Detroit. It would turn out to be a life changing decision. His performance was so riveting that it caught the eye of a Detroit Lions exec who reached out to Theo and asked if he'd be interested in performing the team's fight song at their home games. This move became the birth of GRIDIRON!! Taken from the name of the song, Gridiron Heroes, Theo is able to lead the most amazing fans in the entire NFL in singing this song whenever the Lions score a touchdown. Everyone knows "Forward down the field" and of course, "Gooooooooooo Lionsssssss!!!!!!"

In an ever present effort to constantly grow as a musician, Theo started learning how to play guitar and that marriage of voice and strings has been a match made in heaven! Whether as a duo, trio or big band, the Theo Gridion experience is one that you won't ever forget and will have you wondering what took you so long to experience! His diverse skill set allows him to appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Whatever the occasion, wherever the venue, Theo Gridiron is who you need!

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